Monday, July 19, 2010

Better Than Expected

Today I had to let my boss drive me to Microcenter. I needed DVI to VGA adapters and I had to buy them in person because there are plenty of DVI to VGA adapters that have the wrong number of pins in the wrong place. I’d already been to Best Buy and Radio Shack with no luck so it was time to visit Microcenter. And I was accepting a ride from my boss, in spite of the fact that he and I have not been getting along (to put it mildly.)

We were doing okay for a Monday. He scheduled a 9 am meeting with me to discuss IT expenses over the first half of the year. That could have gone badly. There’s no better way to start my day than explaining to my boss what I’ve spent his money on. Especially since he doesn’t understand any of it and has to be reminded each time what everything is. However I remained a Guardian of the Cheerful Tone and we got through it without raised voices or bloodshed.

Still, even (or indeed especially) after that, riding to Microcenter with my boss was pushing my luck. There wasn’t much to be done other than accept his offered ride because 1) It was likely to rain 2) I was wearing new shoes and would have been in much pain if I’d taken the T and walked from Central Square 3) really, it would be awfully rude not to.

One of the ways this sort of exhibition would normally backfire is that I hate to shop and my boss loves to shop. However, I love Microcenter. A USB fish tank? How did I live without one? Laser pointers? Awesome. A little micro duster just for keyboards? I wants it. Oh hey and an adapter that will allow me to plug my dog into an RJ-45 jack.

Unlike the light-weights at Best Buy, I was sure that the Microcenter staff could solve my adapter issue without looking at me like I had three heads, or didn’t know what I was talking about. I was right. A quality 10 minutes spent in the adapter aisle and I was all set. Meanwhile my boss had found a memory card for his camera and was proudly telling me that now when he comes to Microcenter he “understands more and more about the products.” I smiled indulgently and added a 6 pack of compressed air to the pile of stuff he was buying.

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