Saturday, June 27, 2009

Google doesn't work in Charlestown

I spent an hour today failing miserably at picking up a friend's dry cleaning. How? You ask--seems pretty straight-forward.

My boyfriend and I went to go pick up the laundry of one of our friends. The friend in question is an older woman with mobility issues, so we were doing her a favor. We went to go get the laundry at Bunker Hill Cleaners in Charlestown. We followed the directions given to us by another friend of ours who had dropped the laundry off.

When we got to the place where the dry cleaners was supposed to be, there was nothing called Bunker Hill Cleaners. My boyfriend tried goog411 with no success. He called the friend who dropped the laundry off. We wandered around for several blocks and found nothing. Finally, the friend who'd dropped the stuff off decided that the cleaners was called Bunker Hill Laundromat.

Again with the Google on the iphone. This time we did score a hit within a few blocks (not remotely corresponding to the directions we were given but never mind.) We walked in to the place and gave them the name and telephone number of the person whose clothes we'd come to collect.

Nuthin. The woman behind the counter suggested we check out the place down the street which also, according to her, is called Bunker Hill Laundromat. We went down the street and found Monument Laundromat.

We entered a laundromat/laundry drop off shop full of bags of clean clothes. A large woman was speaking Russian into a cell phone while folding clothes. Several other employees appeared to have brought their children to work.

We spoke to the proprietrix. No luck. For a change, we also gave her the name of the friend who'd dropped the stuff off, the date it was dropped off and the amount of laundry he'd brought in. She (and we) made several stabs at finding the laundry by looking at the dates and names on the clean laundry bags. She claimed that she could find the bag if we'd had the ticket number (I find that hard to believe as I didn't see a computer and having the ticket number would have meant repeating the search we had just performed using names.)

"Maybe it's not at my shop." She suggested. "Is this Bunker Hill Laundromat?" I asked her (thinking that perhaps she would direct us to a third shop down the road where we might find the laundry.) "Yes, this Bunker Hill Laundromat." Said the owner of Monument Laundromat.

Well I'm not surprised that Google doesn't work in Charlestown.

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