Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hello World

I've been watching the DNC for the past several days. I've enjoyed hearing Bill and Hillary Clinton speak and I look forward to hearing Barak Obama speak tonight. But as I went to bed last night I felt, sadly that although Democrats tend to better at rhetoric, (and I am a Demorcrat) their follow through is not so great. This is not entirely their fault.

There are too many powerful corporations who are ready to spend money on lobbyists, advertising campaigns and pet scientists to make sure that they get what they want (from the petroleum industry, the industry, the pharmaceutical industy, the financial services industry etc).

Unlike the Democratic Party, the Republican Party has the enthusiastic support of all of the above mentioned--as well as the media.

This dismal idea is, I'm sure, obvious to the savvy politcal blog reader. Unfortunately there are an awful lot of americans (not all of them dumb) who haven't yet grasped this fact. I work with a bunch of well educated people and none of them get this.

WhatI don't understand (and perhaps I'm missing something) is how our country has come to such a pass that what is good for business and what is good for individuals is/are mutually exclusive.

feh. time to go watch another speech.