Friday, June 19, 2009

The Nadir of Dork Nerdism

So, one of my coworkers needs to buy a new computer, because his PC predates the Bush Administration. He stops by once a day or so to talk about caring for an ailing PC and buying a new PC. I don't mind at all. It's actually kind of nice, for a change, to talk to someone who actually knows something about computers (as opposed to my boss--who wanted to update all our PCs to Windows "Visa".) So I'm perfectly happy to share the things I've learned and discuss alternatives to spending a butt-load on a new PC (Ubuntu anyone?) Besides, having an interesting conversation about PC care and feeding is much nicer than the conversations we usually have ("I'm going to kill our boss?" "What did he do now?" "Is that legal?")

But today we hit a weird patch. We started talking about the first PC we ever had and then he said "A 386--like what they use in Homestar Runner." Is it just me or is it deeply weird to make your point of reference I mean yes, Strong Bad has an old computer (the really sad thing was that half an hour after the conversation it occurred to me that I should have mentioned that he had upgraded to a 486 because Bubs had shot his 386.)

It's not like explaining about LP Records by saying "You know--like at Grandma's house."

I could just hear Strong Bad saying "Dork Dork Dork" in my head. (I could also hear the dude who sits in the cubicle behind me telling his girlfriend about the conversation--filed in the category "The Weird Shit My Coworkers Talk About" in my head.) Apparently so could my coworker because the conversation ended soon after that.

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dtm said...

386 - that was what I *upgraded* to after my freshman year at Carleton. What I took to college was the old 8088.