Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Belated New Year's Resolution

"I don't like food anymore" Strong Sad 2003

A few years ago after my first full year of grad school I was at my sister's and brother in law's Christmas party apologizing to my sister for the fact that I couldn't bring myself to eat more than a few mouthfuls of the excellent spread her husband had cooked. I found myself saying that I found I just didn't like food anymore. "What are you eating?" she asked. I explained that I mostly subsisted on a diet of canned soup and Odwalla bars "Bleck--there's your problem--you're the vegetarian who doesn't like vegetables."

I'm a picky eater. I'm a vegetarian (although since moving to MA I've included fish in my diet) and even though I tended to eat frozen food or canned soup I like to think it was relatively good frozen food and canned soup--there were no ingredients I needed Wikipedia to help me identify and it's all organic--right? To which my sister has always responded that it's still not real food, made from real ingredients.

Cooking meals from real food may be cheaper than nuking an Amy's dinner, but it costs more time--something that is at a bit of a premium for me at the moment. However, my sister has 4 children. While I can certainly argue that she, feeder of six humans, gets a better return on investment for cooking real food, I can hardly argue that it is easier for her to cook real food than it is for me to do so (no one who has spent an hour in the company of her "piggies" will ever argue that it is easier for her to do anything than it is for me to do so.)

Then there was the weekend of Snowpocolypse. I had a paper to write so I went to the Whole Foods by North Station and bought $80 worth of frozen/canned vegetarian food (along with good coffee and iced cookies.) I was not going to have to worry about cooking at all that weekend. Except, by that Sunday I never wanted to eat another frozen whatsit again.

I decided that I was done eating things that came out of cans--this includes beans and tomatoes.

This year my goal is to stop eating canned things (until such time as I take up canning myself) and to eat no more frozen, pre-prepared food.

We'll see how this goes

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