Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Fought The Law and The Law Won

This has always been one of my Clash favorites (and I love the Clash!) One of the nice things about YouTube is that I can see live performances of older bands--things I would have seen except that I was 2 or 3 or unborn at the time. Another nice thing about YouTube is that someone has taken the time to upload pretty much everything to the site. By this I mean you can pick any song that you want to hear--no matter how obscure the band--and there is probably a YouTube recording of it. It may not have video, but the song will be there-it is the Cloud iPod.

So over the past few days I've had a few gigantic and really boring spreadsheets to wade through and make sense of. While engaged in this really boring task, I've been listening to music off of YouTube one song at a time (since we have a no-i-pod policy where I work.) While engaged in this I re-discovered the Green Day cover of I Fought the Law. I listened to it several times before watching the video (being a good worker-bee I didn't watch any of the videos at work--I just pulled up the songs and continued working on my giant, boring spreadsheet.)

I think it's a good cover. Green Day manages to put their own mark on the song without diminishing it at all and although I'm not a guitar player I think they did as well as Mick Jones on the riffs.

So here's the video

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