Monday, April 4, 2011

In which we catch a cold

I've never minded the occasional cold (Occasional-not 6 weeks of hacking like I had in fall of 2007.) If nothing else feeling sick reminds me of how much I enjoy being not-sick. "See this chair I'm sitting in? In a few days getting up will be no big deal. Tonight it'll be a 5 minute process. Where's my Nyquil?" Or maybe it's just that I'm a drama queen.

I mention this because I'm currently being colonized by some wicked-bad cold germs. I awoke yesterday morning with a tickle in my throat. Until I got out of bed I figured I had left the heat on and dried my throat out. As soon as I got up and made coffee it was clear that things were very wrong. But there was sunshine and there were friends to meet for brunch. Also, there was DayQuil.

After a cheerful day in Salem--full of good food, good friends and a nice long walk my friends returned me to my apartment for a sedate evening and early retirement.

The NyQuil wore off at about 3 AM. I spent the next four hours alternately aching and shivering or having fever dreams about installing software. I don't know about you, but my fever dreams (Whenever I'm sick enough to have them which, thankfully isn't too often) are often frustrating and repetitive. They are usually intimidating in some illogical way (at least this wasn't). But that said, jeez Brain of mine-I cook you a little bit and all you have for me is software installation*? Maybe I really am a deeply boring person after all.

*On an MS Exchange 2003 Server with RDP. The background was XP Blue. *shudder.*

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