Friday, July 1, 2011

Enjoying the Company of Women

Tonight I was scheduled to have drinks with a friend of mine in Jamaica Plain (JP.) I had been meaning to do this for a while, because I miss going to JP (James' Gate, JP Seafood, Wonder Spice Cafe.) I love JP--sometimes when I lived in Cambridge I'd go to dinner there by myself, but that's kind of a ridiculous undertaking now that I live in Beverly. Furthermore, this friend of mine had been coming up to Beverly a lot and I wanted to return the favor (let me do the traveling instead) and I wanted to meet her girlfriend.

My friend emailed me today and suggested that since the weather was so nice we should just have dinner and a few beers at her place outdoors. Twist my arm, why don'tcha? I hadn't seen the house she bought last year and while I missed James' Gate dinner outside was more appealing. I bought beer at the liquor store by the T stop and showed up laden with bags of beer and a bouquet of flowers. I found my friend and her girlfriend and another woman sitting outside. They had been gardening all afternoon, so they were wearing shorts and bandanas. I was wearing business casual drag, but I didn't feel out of place because they were welcoming and friendly. I said I'd keep the bag from the liquor store because the Internet Order Fairy had visited me today.

I'd bought a dress from JCrew and had stuffed it into my handbag along with half a focaccia and the soap I bought at the farmer's market. "Oh! What did you get?" asked one of the women who had just met me for the first time."Model it!" I pulled out the dress and held it out. "Oh yes--that's nice!" "That line will cover a multitude of sins!" It was a black A line dress with no sleeves-I plan on wearing it to work with one of my ridiculous cardigans. And I bought it because the design of the dress has a flattering line (covers a multitude of sins.)I hadn't even had my first beer yet and already I liked these women.

My friend gave me a tour of her house. "There are two cats." She said. At my feet was the biggest cat I'd ever seen--stretched out to allow as much of her body as was possible to be on the cool floor "Are there really two cats or did this one eat the other cat?" I asked. She snerked. The house was lovely. There were two kitchens (there are multiple people living there) and there are mermaids on her shower curtains.

We ordered pizza from Bella Luna. I'm lactose intolerant, so I can deal with goat cheese but not cow cheese. My friend spent 10 minutes trying to explain how we wanted a pizza with just goat cheese on a quarter of it("It doesn't have to be perfect--we don't have a protractor.") while the rest of us giggled. The pizza arrived as requested 1/4 sans mozzarella. I told my friend that she had used up her pizza karma for this month. All ate pizza and sighed happily.

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