Tuesday, August 4, 2009

And since we're on the subject of things I like to watch

Although I strongly suspect I am using the royal We here, I have become obsessed with Firefly to the point where I'll pull up the video of the theme song and watch it for comfort. I am not a TV person. I read books and occasionally watch movies for fun. But recently I've been harangued about my anti-tv snobbishness and as a result I decided to try a few TV drama series.

So I started with Heros, which my sci-fi geek co-worker (since laid-off :-( had recommended as "the new Star Trek." That was okay. Mad Men creeped me out. Then there was a reference in XKCD to Firefly and I looked the series up (since I hadn't heard of it) and since it sounded interesting, I started watching it. And fell in love with it. I'm sad there was only one season.

Anyways, here's the theme.

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