Sunday, August 30, 2009

Should I stay or should I go?

I am sad to leave the only place that has felt like home in more than 10 years. The one condition I make for my leaving it is that wherever I go it will be to a new home. Post college and previous to moving in to this apartment, I've lived at my parents place, Paris, Milton, Brookline, JP and another location in Cambridge and none of these places were home. They were all just garages in which I parked myself at the end of the day. My "living room" was cafes and bars. I refuse to go back to this situation although it will double my rent (and possibly greatly lengthen my commute.) At the very least, even if I'm not a fit companion to my chosen partner, I still deserve a home.

I'm looking at apartments in Cambridge and probably Somerville and Beverly. Beverly would be comfortable-my best friend lives there and even though I can't drive I can walk or bike to the grocery store. And of course there's the beach.

I will never be comfortable unless there's a large body of water near by. But If I move up there I lose Cambridge, and I love Cambridge as much as I love anything else. I went to Harvard Square and saw one of the members of my favorite bands outside the Harvard Bookstore. How will I live without the Harvard? Or Pandemonium's science fiction emporium? Or 1369?

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