Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's strange the things that hurt and why

I went to Hilton's Tent City tonight. I'd been meaning to go for a while. I wanted to make it clear that I plan to be a loyal Hilton's customer even though the former owner is deceased and I'm no longer dating a member of the staff.

My friends among the staff were just as nice and helpful to me as they had been before I got dumped (which wasn't really a surprise.) The visit hurt though--not because Irv is gone (although I need to take a picture of the "Irving the World" sign before they take it down) but because I happened to notice one of the beautiful wool sweaters that Sean had gotten me for Christmas. This one was last year's present. It was a true thing of beauty-natural wool in a traditional pattern, but in a cardigan with a high collar (for drafty offices.) It was perfect. And seeing it, I was so sad that no one was ever going to give me something like that again.

That sounds awfully avaricious when stated that way. I don't mean it that way. I was perfectly capable of buying the thing for myself and when I see whatever beautiful wool sweaters they stock this year I may just buy one of them for myself, but it won't be the same as having someone else come across a thing of beauty like that and decide "I need to buy this for Cantabridgienne! This is just what she needs and she'll think it's beautiful."

That hurts as badly as leaving Cambridge, having to deal with Comcast and the landlord myself-having to fend for myself.

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oboediva said...

But won't it be nice when someone finds a piece of pottery or a lovely scarf and thinks, "Wouldn't BeverlyBabe love this!" It could happen, you know. And I can think of items of apparel far more fun to receive from a gentleman friend than a fuzzy sweater.